Bob Fescoe new morning host on KCSP
(December 30, 2009) Bob Fescoe, 32, who recently departed KFNS-The Fan in St. Louis, will assume duties Monday (1/4) as the new morning show host from 6-9 a.m. on KCSP-610, according to officials at the Entercom KC station.

"My goal is to simply have fun," (Bulldog Bob") Fescoe told Bottom Line. "We’re going to have the hardest working, most entertaining and most informed morning sports show in Kansas City."

The show will be called "Fescoe in the Morning" and Josh Klingler will be on board providing updates and conversation.

“We are delighted that we could bring Bob back to Kansas City,” says 610 Sports Radio Program Director Ryan Maguire. “He has a track record of success here and a great deal of credibility.”

Fescoe replaces Roger Twibell, who joined the station as the host of the "Morning Sports Drive" with Jeff McCarragher (6-9 a.m.) in January 2008. He then hosted the “610 Morning Rush” since April of 2009 with Josh Klingler. Reportedly, Twibell plans on entering the golf business.

Fescoe had been co-host of “The Border Patrol” with WHB’s Steven St. John before departing for St. Louis in 2007. He and former KCSP reporter Rhonda Moss---who now works in Detroit---made national headlines when the Kansas City Royals yanked their press credentials for reportedly asking tough questions.

At KFNS, Fescoe started with a morning show and then did an afternoon show (3-6 p.m.) called the “Afternoon Saloon” with Jay Randolph Jr.

A 1999 University of Kansas graduate, Fescoe has been in radio for nearly 10 years in Texas, Kansas City and St. Louis. The New Jersey native is married to Jen (Hyland) Fescoe of Overland Park and they have three-week old daughter, Delaney Noel.

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